A Journey Through the Deep Brain

Movie for the 1st international symposium on deep brain connectomics. President of the symposium letter Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Fundamental and applied sciences should converge to speed up translational research. This time comes up for connectomics. After a decade of productive fundamental research around connectomes, a large amount of knowledge could be integrated in clinical neuroscience. Among the brain regions, the deep brain is the forgotten continent of this translational research. Deep gray matter and white matter territories are organized in a complex manner, and their exploration, whether structural or functional, is still difficult. The aim of this first DEEP BRAIN CONNECTOMICS symposium is to create an event for all the people working directly or indirectly in this field, sharing their experiences, which in return will stimulate translational research. This first Symposium on DEEP BRAIN CONNECTOMICS is held in France, as an International satellite symposium of the IBMISPS-SBMT society, and under the auspices of the French's Institutes of Health and Technology and of Neuroscience. It will be held at the Auvergne University, in Clermont-Ferrand, on Friday 28 and Saturday 29, September 2012. On behalf of the organizing committee, welcome to this scientific event, at the frontier of cutting edge basic science and clinical neurosciences. Many people suffering of neurological diseases wait for new medical solutions that should benefit of our debates. Everything will be done to offer to all speakers and participants, the optimal conditions for a fruitful meeting, within a convivial environment. We already thank all our sponsors showing their interest in this stimulating domain and helping us to make this event a success. Kind regards. Jean-Jacques Lemaire MD, PhD Professor of Neurosurgery Auvergne University - CHU Clermont-Ferrand Research Unit IGCNC - EA 7282 Image-Guided Clinical Neuroscience and Connectomics, UMR 6284 ISIT

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Jeudi 15 Mai 2014
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